Wantage Town CouncilWantage Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan (December 2015)

The Plan has now been submitted to the District Council for processing

As a result of the responses to the Pre-Submission Plan(over 200 comments) we have made a number of alterations and additions to this Submission version of the Plan.

We have updated the Policy Maps to make them more readable.

Based on the comments we have added more green areas to the Local Green Space Policy expanding the areas we want to protect for the Town. This does not imply any additional right to public access for these areas but instead is a way to provide special protection against development for green areas of particular importance to local communities.

Most of the changes to the Plan have been made to the last section about implementation where we have expanded some of the sections on; Development Management, Infrastructure Projects, Town Centre Improvements, Transport Management, Education Provision, Cycleway and Pedestrian Infrastructure Investments, Green Infrastructure Improvements, and Community Assets.

Please see a copy of the plan submitted to the District Council HERE (PDF) and read the detail for yourself.

The plan includes 14 policies

The full policies and explanations are included in the full document so please take the time to obtain a copy and see the details.

  1. A Spatial Plan for Wantage
    - defining the boundary.
  2. Town Centre Policy Area
    - limiting the Town Centre.
  3. Town Centre Development
    - areas and types of development.
  4. Protection of Employment Sites
    - keep work here.
  5. Design – General Principles
    - protect the views in and out of town,
    - provide more parking,
    - provide better provision for cycling.
  6. Design – Character Areas
    - fit in with existing characters in the town.
  7. Design – Housing Types
    - build the types of houses we want.
  8. Green Infrastructure Network
    - connect important open spaces, watercourses, footpaths and cycleways with the Town Centre and countryside.
  9. Letcombe Brook
    - protect the Brook and its environs.
  10. Chain Hill Special Landscape Area
    - respect its special character.
  11. Local Green Space
    - designating and protecting green areas of the Town.
  12. Infrastructure Investment
    - ensure capacity of services and infrastructure.
  13. Community Facilities
    - invest in the things we need; traffic management proposals, green infrastructure network including improvements to pavements and footpaths; cycle ways, provision of education, healthcare and dental care facilities; Community and/or other projects.
  14. Community Assets
    - protect and support designated Assets of Community Value.



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